Product details

Our software at current release 4.0 consists of the following three products: SecureRelease, DataControl and WebDashbord. Those can be extended by the Incident and Asset Management packages.


Our software enables the responsible persons for production and manufacturing plants to establish and manage industrial IT and security as well as the operating and access security in their area of responsibility highly structured and very efficient.



Secure Release (SR)
ondeso SecureRelease supports you to manage your Windows-based computer systems in the production and manufacturing area. Standardize and automate recurring tasks, control and protect your system and thereby increase availability, integrity and confidentiality.

- Inventory
- User-defined views
- System backups
- Patch management
- Software deployment
- Workflows
- Security
- Safety support
- System Validation



NetworkInventory Advisor (NI)
Gather your IP devices and data including MAC addresses and domain affiliation by means of a scan by ping and/or Winsocks or passively by the IP-listener or ARP tables.

- Scan across segments and firewall borders
- Realize remote Scripts and WMI-requests
- Monitor network traffic of your local clients by the TCP/IP monitor
- “Wake” your production clients by Wake-on-LAN
- Export information about your production clients in Excel
- Install ondeso SR remote



Package Asset Information System
Our Asset Information System enables an oversight of all your IP-speaking components. Enter the locations and responsibilities of your industrial IT.

- Gather and register your entire IT infrastructure
- Enter specific information (e.g. equipment numbers, maintenance contracts, SLAs, ect)
- Identify multiple assets
- Define and group asset types
- Install remotely



WebDashboard (WD)
Our user-friendly ondeso WebDashboard enables a targeted, plant-specific management of the frequently heterogeneous IT infrastructure in production and shop floors.
Up-to-date information about the current state of your OS patch level, the recent backups, the USB- and RDP-interfaces, software compliance etc can be recalled compactly and edited visually.
The web control center consolidates the information across different locations and offers a clear visualization of all data which is relevant for the management.







DataControl (DC)
ondeso DataControl permanently reduces the potential for damages by external threads because of a safe approach to external data.
For establishing a data lock no special hardware is necessary. It securely encrypts and signs your data and offers a network-comprehensive data control about in and outgoing data as well as an audit-proof report. By this mechanism, external data is safely prepared for internal use.





Package Incident System
Our ondeso Incident System enables you to gather, classify and analyze your incidents quick and easy (e.g. KPI reports). Log your system-relevant incidents, interferences and interventions.

- Automatic and manual incident management (incidents, impacts, actions)
- Automatic preparation of a client life cycle, e.g. through continuous entries after patch runs.





Advantages & Benefit

ondeso develops its software especially for Industry 4.0 and supports you to implement your own Industrial Automation Management and to secure your production efficiently.
ondeso is non-critical for production!
By using the ondeso software you optimize your production and manufacturing processes. Be it guidance system, MES, HMI or control system – manage the life cycle of your windows-based industrial-PCs with ondeso. Compile your own processes for the release and security management and for an asynchronous roll-out within the maintenance window.

- Establish an inventory of your production clients
- Control your USB und RDP interfaces
- Manage your OS patch management
- Implement imaging und backup concepts
- Implement a data lock for process networks
- Monitor and archive the data transfer with your production network
- Deploy and maintain your software
- Simplify the auditing by reporting and monitoring functions

About ondeso

ondeso is a software development company with a clear target:
Product development for “safe patch, deployment and software distribution management” for companies in the production, manufacturing and infrastructural sectors. With our software solutions we initially offer our customers a deployment and management system for their specific production and manufacturing needs.
In the past, virus programs and malware were used mainly in attacking office or private computers. With increasing frequency this threat transfers to production, manufacturing and infrastructural facilities. Industrial espionage, know-how theft as well as sabotage and terroristic attacks draw more and more on software opportunities.
Additionally to material, methods, processes and machinery used in their production, companies have to document their software versions and changes.
For all those requirements and scopes ondeso offers suitable products on the highest technological and conceptional level – entirely “Made in Germany”.

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